Our 90-Days Program

This 90-days program will be a redevelopment with your social media campaigns, contents and digital presence. Our founder, Ryu Seng will strategise with a team of experts on how we can exponentially provide you with value-packed campaigns and how we could help you get an amazing ROI.

Within 14 days your campaigns would be live. Depending on your needs and wants, we generally need photos and videos from your side. We will provide instructions; written and verbal (call) on how to get everything set-up.

For an average client, we would aim to achieve at least 2X ROI. However, some clients achieves 3X or 4X ROI. However, keep in mind that Excalibur Digital is very selective on who we choose to work with, there are many clients in queue. 

If we do choose to work with your business, it means we are positive we can bring you great ROI’s and results you’d want.

If you want to discuss in furhter details, please click the button below. We’ll consult and generate strategies appropriate for your business for free through a 30 minutes call.


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