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Dear Business Owners,

Does online marketing, e-commerce and social media make your head spin? Have you spent thousands of dollars trying to boost your business, only to have your numbers climb at a snail’s pace? We really get that.

In an industry full of fakers and self-proclaimed ‘experts’ whose main priority is to collect your money, it can be a traumatising experience trying to find a trustworthy company to handle your online sales. At Excalibur, our goal is to prevent business owners from experiencing this agony by creating Facebook and Instagram ads that will put your brand on the map, around the map and out of this world; being on the map just isn’t good enough these days.

With a highly-skilled team of professionals working on bespoke ad campaigns for your business, we can help boost sales, increase your client base and send your numbers soaring.

In the fast-paced world of online marketing, a dynamic ad campaign is critical to success. We monitor the effect of your online ads carefully, tweaking the approach to suit your company’s needs.

Don’t lose another night’s sleep over your online marketing campaign. Put your faith in us and we will deliver the goods. It’s time for your business to achieve its true potential.

Put your days of worry behind you. Just relax, we’ll take it from here.



A wise business owner like yourself, in this day and age would be familiar with not getting results and losing a big chunk of your budget towards these social media agencies or digital marketing agencies.

We really don’t want to be just “another social media agency”, we want to make a big impact on business owners all over the globe.

We have processeses and systems installed with the main goal of helping you achieve your goals and visions. Unfortunately, this means that we cannot work with everyone, although we’d love that. We will only work with your business if we have a good feeling that we’ll perform well for you.



Took me past my goals in less than 10 days, actually very impressed.

Nick Com - Serial Entrepreneur

Hit 4 figures within less than a week, one of the best social media marketing service around.

Jane Klark - Owner of E-commerce Stores


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